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Hunter Safety System

ElimiShield™ Scent Control Technology


The Weakest Link in your Scent Control??  Chances are, your safety harness.  Over time it can become a volcano of human odor. 

Elimishield Scent Control is a powerful new technology that not only destroys human odor, it does so for the life of your harness.  Scroll down to see how it works. 


What does Tree Stand Safety have to do with scent control?? 
To serious hunters, everything.  Every hunter knows the one odor that will destroy a hunt instantly is human odor. Some odors deer may tolerate and even be curious about but human odor is a deal breaker. Now with ElimiShield™ hunters are free to hunt safely with confidence.
 The Missing Link:
Hunters spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to reduce their scent.  However, due to its metal buckles and slide bars, hunters don’t often wash their treestand safety harnesses.  This can be a huge ‘Missing link’ in a hunter’s scent control efforts.  Over time, perspiration, body oils, mold and mildew spores build up in the harness and begin to create a microscopic volcano of odor emissions from your harness.  Even if you wear scent control clothing, at least some, if not most of your harness is exposed and releasing a stream of residual human odor.


Just Spray It?
Scent killing sprays may treat the surface, but are powerless against the potential odor factory in the inner fibers of your safety harness.  Elimishield treats the liners, straps, tethers, the whole harness, for the life of the harness.  Every single fiber of Hunter Safety System harnesses treated with ElimiShield™ are infused with ElimiShield™.  Odor has nowhere to hide.
How does ElimiShield™ work?


The nanotechnology (A fancy word for really, really small) in the ElimiShield™ Odor Control Spray was originally developed for mold, mildew, fungus, disease and infection control for the healthcare industry. The patented formulations were created to be more effective and more environmentally responsible than other products for use in healthcare and institutional environments. The complex molecule bonds naturally to most porous and nonporous materials or surfaces with which it comes into contact.  Once bonded to a surface, ElimiShield™ leaves a positive + charged microscopic shield that acts as a bed of nails to actively attract and eliminate odor particles which have a naturally – negative electronic charge.  ElimiShield kills the odor molecules mechanically by physically piercing the cell or membrane walls. The mechanical odor kill mechanism of ElimiShield™ is superior to other methods that kill bacteria via chemical compounds or heavy metals - by poisoning it and potentially the environment. 

Hunter Safety System Harnesses with ElimiShield™

hss-610e-elite-03781.1494880539.1280.1280.png    hss-660e-contour-34237.1494880632.1280.1280.png    hss510-e-flat-12750.1494880173.1280.1280.png

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